Maryland Reports First West Nile Virus Death of 2012

By ardentadmin

Health officials of the State of Maryland has reported its first fatality from West Nile virus this year, as the rest of the United States has seen record-high cases. The disease is spreading faster compared to previous years, partly due to a mild winter and several spring rains that allowed mosquitoes to breed earlier. Maryland […]

Rates of Westnile Virus Cases Going Down

By ardentadmin

2008 is seeing a decline in the number of Westnile virus cases both in humans and in animals. There were reportedly only six cases of human infection in four states namely: Arizona, Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee. There are also reportedly lower cases of animal and mosquito infections for this year, and they only occurred in five states, namely: Alabama, California, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas. Compared to the previous years, the decline is fairly significant. In 2007, there were more o…